About Marleen Maria

Marleen Maria (1970) is fascinated by how people are portrayed in the past, as well as in the present. In her portraits she attempts to capture what is real, essential, and eternal about a person. The eyes of the subject are the focal point of her work and allow the beholder to see the subject’s soul.

Marleen Maria is co founder of dollittle.com.


After completing her study in Communications, Marleen Maria worked for a number of years in the advertising, PR and publishing industry. Searching for a more substantial form of communication, she decided to attend the Rietveld Academy. In the Visual Arts department, she explored the (self) portrait and experimented with collages, photography, video, performances, and painting.
These past years Marleen Maria has developed a very personal and distinctive style of painting and photography. She has become proficient in Renaissance-like painting techniques and portrait photography. In her atelier in Amsterdam-Zuid she has set up a (photo) studio where her models can pose. Marleen Maria is married and has two daughters.

Marleen Maria makes non-commissioned work and commissioned portraits. If you are interested in her existing work or would like to commission a portrait, please send an e-mail to info@marleenmaria.com