Subtle colors

2013 - present
The most recent work by Marleen Maria is again more colorful. Subtle colors she uses to intensify the look and to strengthen the focus at the look of the sitter. No matter from what angle you look at the paintings, the subjects are always looking back at you and follow your gaze.

More white

2009 - 2013
Marleen Maria’s focus gradually shifted to her subject’s gaze. The eyes, the mouth and the nose connect the inner with the outer world and in her portraits they reflect what is happening inside the subject. The beholder is caught by the gaze. The rest of the person disappears into white. The essence of the person remains.

Plenty of color

2002 - 2009
Marleen Maria’s early works are very colorful. With colors and poses, Marleen Maria wanted to entice the beholder to look at the subject. Marleen Maria’s fascination with showing the person behind what you see physically, made her decide to make everything she felt was not natural about the person disappear into white. You can see this in her collection of white paintings.